The first FREE Management system for work schedules, projects, absences and vacations

How does the control of working hours work?

Light of Work is a multiplatform Human Resources application that manages the complete time control system of your company, business or freelancers and the projects in which these hours are invested. In addition, it manages other HR areas such as employee absences and vacations.

It is fully manageable from any device connected to the Internet, be it a computer, mobile, tablet or iPad. Easily manageable from the control panel or through the different applications available, both for Windows and for Mac or Android and iOS in the case of mobile, tablet or iPad. Download the app.

Automatically records the working day (check in and check out) without performing any action since it is enough to activate the computer.

Detects breaks taken at work: If the activity stops for more than 5 minutes, the application sends a visible push-up on the screen to identify the reasons for the absence, saving the complete data of the working day with minimal effort.

It complies with the new time control law that has come into force in Spain, allowing you to download the working day from the web in pdf to be able to present it.

Light of Work is a completely free application and does not require any initial investment.

Work schedule management features

Automatic check in and check out

Automated time and stop control management without any action thanks to desktop applications.

Project Management

Control panel to manage the hours invested in different projects and tasks, easily calculating the profitability of each one.

Smart Working and Teleworking

Multi-device application that allows you to record the beginning, end and breaks of the day from any location and device: computer, mobile phone, ipad, tablet…

Absences and Vacations

Manage employee vacations and absences easily. Each employee can request their vacation to be approved by the manager.

Hourly Control Act

Light of Work is adapted to the regulation of registration of working hours of workers that has come into force in Spain and allows you to download the pdf from the web to be able to present it.

Geolocalized files

Geolocation of signings and pauses made by means of mobile applications.

Company profile

It reports on the workers who are active at any given time, on a break or absent, and the type of project or task on which they spend their hours.

Human Resources

HR system that covers different areas such as the management of work schedules, sign-ins, projects, absences and vacations.


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