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10 reasons to implement Light of Work in your company


Light of Work is a completely free application and has no payment options. You can use it and benefit from all its advantages as it will always be free. It manages projects, controls absences and vacations, as well as the transfer of companies, always free of charge.

Complying with the law

The new mandatory time control law that came into force in 2019 makes it essential to clock in at work. This is a tedious task and wastes the time of both us and our employees. By using Light of Work you will comply with the new law without even realizing it.


All employees can use the system regardless of the technology available to them. Light of Work works in web browsers, iPhone, iPad, android, Tablet, Mac and Windows.

Project Management

Create projects you are working on. You will control the total time and the time invested in each type of project, being able to calculate the profitability of each one of them.


Daily recording of the working day automatically by simply switching on the computer at the workplace or accessing the company telephone – recording at work has never been so easy! If the system detects inactivity on the devices, it will ask the user what the inactivity is due to and it will be recorded.

Manual mode

The process of signing in companies can also be completed from the control panel. It can be accessed from any internet browser with a user name and password. With this online project manager you will have free employee time control.

Absences and holidays

It saves time and money by coordinating holidays and organizing the year’s holidays. Holidays are automatically generated according to the location of each office or headquarters of your company individually. In addition, absences and requested holidays will be listed in the system calendar. Also those of half a day.


Management permits can be granted to the person in charge of human resources in your company. This project management program will calculate the hours spent by employees on each of the assigned tasks.


Not all jobs require a permanent job. With the Light of Work mobile application you can record their location and know what they are doing, where and when.

Download PDF

The documents can be downloaded in PDF format and printed out so that they can be presented as required by the law on the control of workers’ hours.


For small and large businesses

Light of Work is designed for the self-employed, SMEs and large companies. Its configuration is adapted to all types of companies. Its use is simple and properly documented. If you still have any doubts Contact us.

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Vacations, medical visits and other absences.

With Light of Work you can request a vacation or report a doctor’s visit from any device.

Dark Mode On

This time we present you the “Dark” mode.

We have implemented this color scheme for the entire platform and on all devices.

Now available!

Unload it now! Available on all platforms. Completely FREE

We open the doors to your business!

We have launched Light of Work, the first system to manage work schedules, projects, absences and holidays for FREE. Try all its features and improve your company’s performance!